American Curl -

a mysterious breed of cats with curled ears.

Impressive ears are not the only asset of the unique breed. American Curls are very sociable and also boast an almost canine personality and incredible loyalty. They are able to get used to any circumstances, and throughout their lives they never lose their playful disposition and optimistic spirit.

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The history of these amazing American cats began in California. In 1981, a small and very sociable cat with funny curled ears ran up to the house of the most ordinary married couple Joe and Grace Rugas. People decided to feed the street animal, which amazed them with its appearance and natural sincere playfulness, in which there was not even a hint of mannerism. Of course, the couple kept the unusual creature as a pet. The cat was given a suitable name - Shulamith, in honor of the biblical character, the beloved of King Solomon.

In the winter of 1981, Shulamith brought her debut offspring: two out of four kittens have gracefully bent ears. All American Curls (as the breed was later named) descended from Shulamith, and her first kittens are considered the standard.

Over the years, cats with impressive ears were becoming more common in California. They wrote about the shocking pets in the newspapers. Naturally, the first curls were interested in felinologists, experts, breeders and professional breeders. Nevertheless, many of the specialists were quite conservative - first of all, they did not admire the charm of the breed, but tried to get an answer to the question of whether these cats are mutants and whether their strange ears indicate genetic abnormalities and deformities.

But justice was done. After analyzing 81 litters of Curls, the British researcher of cat genetics Roy Robins came to the conclusion that this mutation ("the phenomenon of curled ears") is purely natural. The gene that contributes to this ear shape is autosomal dominant. Roughly speaking, this means that any cat with this gene will have ears curled up due to a natural pattern.

What did it say? That's right, a new breed of cats has appeared in the world, unlike any other. Let's note right away that Scottish Folds are a completely different genetic case. In addition, the shape of their ears is very different from the main advantage of the American Curls.

In the late eighties of the last century, a strict breed standard was approved. Two varieties of American Curls have been officially recognized - short-haired and long-haired. By the way, the color of these cats can be anything - from tabby stripes to solid monochrome colors.

At the moment, a young, but already popular, breed is at the stage of active development. Previously, Curls were crossed with other cats of almost all breeds, but with such unions, only half of the offspring naturally had bent ears. At the beginning of the 2000s, the associations of cat lovers banned such crosses as part of the purity of the breed. Curls are bred exclusively in a monobreed way; they are especially popular in America, Canada, France, Germany and even in Japan. In Russia, the first cats of this breed appeared in the mid-nineties.

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American Curls are quick-witted and quick-witted. As we have already said several times, the character of these cats is somewhat similar to that of a dog. They easily learn tricks, discipline and easily get used to walking on a leash. Their training methods are also typically doggy - for every command they execute correctly or just for good behavior, they should be given treats as a reward, not forgetting about encouraging affectionate words. Curls have a persistent temperament and do not suffer from megalomania and the desire for independence, so they like to bring the owner thrown balls and toys.

If at some point curls lack intelligence (and this happens extremely rarely), she is able to solve problems with the help of natural adaptability and intuition. By the way, Curls are not susceptible to panic and sudden mood swings, so they always stay in a positive psychological tone.

Curls are very social, which means that they get the main knowledge and skills through communication with a person. Even observing the owner's everyday routine, the pet learns a lot about his habits, temperament and needs. If you spend as much time with the curl as possible (for example, communicate with the cat aloud), soon your pet will delight you with completely unexpected things - for example, learn how to take out the laundry from the washing machine (this is not a joke) or press the power button of your laptop. every morning.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


American Curls are really cute, balanced (despite their playfulness and dashing temperament) and very intelligent pets.

These cats love to be close to people (they are not afraid even of noisy companies), are very gentle and always willingly respond to affection. Curl, as you already understood, is perfect for large families whose house is never empty. An American pet suffers from prolonged loneliness - it can even come to problems with the nervous system and self-esteem, so try not to leave him alone with himself too often and for a long time.

American Curls are distinguished by their well-developed adaptability, so they can easily tolerate trips and even moving to new apartments. They are attached primarily to the person, and not to the entourage, although they value comfort like no other.

It is almost impossible to piss off these unusual cats, they are cheerful, optimistic and playful at any age. Their light temper is used in feline therapy - curls often help lonely people escape from depression; in some cases, communication with them is much more effective than Prozac and other antidepressants.

Very clean cats by nature, curls do not tend to dirty in the house. They generally have excellent manners, they do not tend to behave intrusively and, for example, steal food from your table.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


American Curls are made to communicate. Surprisingly, they are not at all afraid of even strangers. This is a companion cat that is anxious about the owner and is ready to follow him, like a faithful dog, under any circumstances. And the point in this case, we note, is not at all in obsession. Curls love to participate in all household chores (from relaxed watching TV to washing and general cleaning), but they never allow themselves to be annoying, subtly feeling the slightest change in the mood of the owners. Many American Curl owners claim that their cats often bring them a newspaper after a hard day's work or in the morning during breakfast.

Curls love to play with children, which is facilitated by their feline energy and desire to discover new things. At the same time, these pets are calm enough - just perfect character. By the way, they love holidays, noisy parties and guests, because they need a decent audience to demonstrate impressive magic tricks. It is not for nothing that Curls are called "clown cats" in America.

Curls have an increased need for socialization. They get along with cats without any problems, and their somewhat canine character can work wonders - American pets find a common language with dogs and even make friends with them, successfully participating in races in the backyard. This is an additional plus, because if you constantly work and are at home only in the morning and late in the evening, the Curl will happily communicate with other pets in your absence.

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American Curls are easy to basic upbringing. For example, they are able not only to easily get used to the litter box at the age of kittens, but also to master commands like "Come to me!" or "You can't!" In doing so, they retain their feline personality without turning into robots.

During parenting, the owner must resort to encouragement and motivation, such as treats and verbal praise. It is not worth punishing Curls for disobedience - it is enough to express your indignation in words. They are quick-witted and afraid to upset their owner. Therefore, having guilty once, they will try to never repeat the offense and even make amends.

Aggression and cruelty are inappropriate and strictly prohibited in the upbringing of all pets. American Curls are no exception. Moreover, representatives of this breed are distinguished by increased sensitivity to people, therefore such things will make them not only take offense, but can also destroy the rather strong and developed psyche of cats.

American Curls often tend to perceive the learning process as a game. You must make it clear that you do not intend to have fun, but to teach the cat the most important things for existence in the house. How to do it? When rearing your cat, just try to use a gentle yet commanding tone from time to time.

American Curls are quite muscular and physically developed by nature. They maintain their physical condition in the norm thanks to daily games and an instinctive desire to hunt.

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American Curls are quite easy to care for. This applies to both short-haired and long-haired pets. Taking care of their fur is easy and even pleasant, because curls have practically no undercoat. Short-haired Curls should be brushed once a week using metal combs with rounded teeth. Longhaired - twice a week to avoid tangling and tangles.

The basic grooming of American Curls includes the care of claws, which grow very quickly. As a rule, you need to cut your nails by 2-3 millimeters weekly using a sharp claw. Curls should be taught to trim their claws from an early age.

Caring for the ears of American Curls is not as difficult as many people think. You need to clean them when they seem dirty or a plaque will be visible on them. To complete the procedure, you will need tissues, cotton pads, and a quality ear cleaner from the pet store. Remember that Curls have special ears: unlike the soft and elastic ears of other cat breeds, Curl ears are hard and dense cartilage (almost like a human). Therefore, while performing the procedure, try not to delay them and in no case try to straighten them.

Most professional breeders advise feeding American Curls with good dry or canned food. Avoid milk and food that is too fatty.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

American Curl and your apartment.

All American Curls, without exception, are characterized by a very high level of adaptability. They feel comfortable in a city apartment of any type and size, they are not afraid of the noise of passing cars coming from the windows. They will find a place to play even in a modest limited area. The owner should only take care of safety (remove wires and other objects dangerous for the cat from the floor; make sure that the cat does not fall down from an open window or from a balcony).

The personal seat of the American Curl should be at a height of one meter - this is not too high, but at the same time, the cat will be able to regularly maintain good physical shape, climbing into its home. You can use a regular medium sized bedding made from natural materials or a full fledged cat house with a roof and ladder. The main thing is that it is not too cold, hot, dry or humid on the Curl's personal territory. Take care of the scratching post, which should be located next to the animal's house. You will also need a lot of toys to entertain your pet in your absence - curls are very fond of bright cubes and small rubber balls.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Based on materials from the site glorypets.ru and personal observations.