In any nursery, sooner or later, there comes a time when adult animals emerge from breeding. In this section we are looking for good hands for our former manufacturers. All such animals must be neutered and sterilized before moving to a new home. Adult American Curls in good hands  - this is a great option to get a healthy, socially adapted show-class animal for the symbolic price of neutering or neutering.

       Please remember that "in good hands" does not at all mean "take Christ for the sake of ..."

This means that these animals have done a decent job in the breeding field and now have the right to a quiet happy life as pets in a caring family that can provide them with quality food and maintenance no worse than they have in my nursery. All animals are purebred,  in good breed type, many titled.

      For more information, WHY BREEDERS GIVE ADULT CATS TO NEW HOUSES , read HERE .

    At the moment, a cat is available for "good hands", which has finished its breeding activity in the cattery and has already been castrated.


Coat length: ACL, longhaired 

Color:  d 02 21 - red harlequin tabby

Joy  -  cutest cat.  His breeding activity is over, so we are slowly looking for a new home for him, where he will be loved and cared for as much as we do.

Brutal gorgeous cat with the character of an affectionate kitten. Joy is active, but not aggressive, will not be a "sofa cushion", and also will not be suitable for the role of a "living toy" for children.




1. A persistent intention to acquire an adult cat
2.Possibility of decent care and feeding, as well as the provision of veterinary care, if necessary
3. No allergies and children under 3 years old


  • Why doesn't the breeder leave the neutered animal in the nursery?

As a rule, after sterilization in a cat, not only the hormonal background changes, but also the behavior and social status in the feline family. Active producers very often begin to offend such a cat, relegating it to the very bottom rung of the hierarchy.

  • Will an adult cat get used to a new home, won't she yearn?

The social adaptation of an adult cat will come quickly enough, provided that the home environment is calm and the cat is able to give the cat time to get used to new sounds and smells. As a rule, after a fairly short period of time, an adult cat in a new house will feel like a full-fledged mistress. She will not have to share territory with other cats, she will be loved and the only one.

  • What is the advantage of purchasing an adult animal?

By purchasing an adult cat, the new owner gets a guaranteed healthy and vaccinated animal. An adult cat can be left alone for a longer period, without damage to its psyche and health. And one more important aspect: when purchasing a kitten, regardless of its status, the new owner will have to pay a considerable amount of money, including the financial and labor costs of the cattery.